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Most businesses today exploit the reach and versatility of the Web to cut costs, connect with suppliers, serve customers and train employees.

E-Commerce involves a lot more than selling products online, and that’s why companies are still struggling to get it right. Having an easy to use, integrated website is the cornerstone of any businesses E-commerce effort.

An active and dynamic website will build a backlog of content very fast. Content management systems would be needed to help businesses control the workflow when making site updates and index that information for archiving purposes.

B2C Websites
Online retail commerce continues to grow as more people gain faster Internet access. More and more people are buying online and brick and mortar companies are also gaining through online purchases.

B2B Websites
The outlook for B2B e-commerce is fuzzier than B2C e-commerce. XML was supposed to help bring businesses to the Web, but many still use fax machines to receive requests and orders.

Online marketplaces have largely failed because suppliers have not been convinced of the payoff. Businesses have yet to do more than a fraction of their purchasing through online channels, but this will eventually change. B2B e-commerce if done well can help companies manage their inventory more effectively, adjust to customer demands and move products to market faster.

An intranet is a website or portal for use within a company. Usually intranets contain HR information, downloadable forms and other functions aimed at making employees more productive. An intranet also brings in cost-savings.

Back-Office integration
Success of any e-commerce application is with automatic integration with the back office processing. Catalogues should be made available online as soon as they have been updated. Orders received through the web should be processed automatically in the back office and workflow within the business and to the customer should be automated through email.

Damsk has experience in the following

  • Creation of web sites
  • Creation of e-commerce shops with payment processing
  • Creation and integration of back office systems
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