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IT Consultancy

The large corporate market today uses IT extensively. But in the smaller companies who would be classified as the SME companies - there is huge scope for technology to improve productivity and increase profits. These are companies that see themselves as specialist or niche, and many have no desire to become a billion-dollar multinational corporation.

Business processes need to be reengineered based on today’s market realities. Processes will also need to be optimised and made more efficient. This will help remove latencies that have become invisible over the years, enabling the improved performance of the processes that are the lifeblood of the business.

Without taking an integrated approach to business process, where a view is taken of the full flow of information and interaction of departments, IT homogenization cannot be exploited and efficiencies will remain hidden. With increased emphasis on the aim of achieving a homogeneous IT environment in order to drive costs and efficiency, companies must look at modularized IT solutions.

Business processes in the following areas would be most critical and IT solutions in them need to be addressed.

  • Customer Relationships
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Delivery and Logistics
  • Supply Chain

Structured communication within a company must support and expedite business
processes, either through the use of solutions with in-built communication tools mirroring workflow. E-Mail needs to be integrated within the operational workflow and business processes.

In light of both a picture of existing business processes and information flow, and a
set of improvement plans created from considering better processes and communication, the visibility created should allow the business to address another issue – the improvement of management and business intelligence.

Damsk can work with a business in any of the above areas and develop an implementation strategy that will allow businesses to develop appropriate application over time, on required IT platforms.

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